ORTER hast the best solution wherever there is a mix of light fluids and water e.g. in

  • Patrol stations
  • Car parks
  • Dumping sits
  • Car washes
  • Garages
  • Car repair shops
  • Fuel depots
  • Oil pipelines and pump stations
  • Refineries
  • Industrial plants

We find it easy to adapt our products to your local requirements. If large amounts of water occur only occasionally and a low concentration of pollutants can be expected under these operation conditions a bypass system can be designed. In case you have an existing tank that has to be retrofitted with an oil separator we can deliver our products in small parts that can be assembled inside the tank.

We constantly aim to further improve our products. ORTNER Wassertechnik owns a number of patents but the ultimate aim is to manufacture a product that is easy to maintain and works smoothly over many years.





What are the main advantages of an ORTNER Oil separator?


  • All parts requiring maintenance are visible even if the separator is full and in operation
  • All maintenance work can be done via one manhole situated at the discharge side oft he separator
  • Due to the ORTNER automatic discharge valve no manhole is required at the separator inlet
  • A special inetgrated sampling device is making a separate sampling shaft redundant
  • Filters can be easily cleaned and replaced by non specialized personel
  • Tank sizes can be reduced due to advantageous coalesence technology
  • Heavy and large tanks can be sourced or produced locally by our clients
  • ORTNER separators can be produced in parts for assembly in existing shafts

What are the main products of ORTNER watertec?


  • Oil separation equipment in stainless steel and or PE for installation in tanks made of concrete or other oil resistant materials eg. Polyethylen
  • Bypass systems
  • Free standing oil separators
  • Oil separator parts for assembly inside existing tanks
  • Mobile separators in PE or stainless steel
  • Automatic or manual oil discharge valves


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