For more than 30 years ORTNER WASSERTECHNIK GMBH has been a leading producer of oil water separators and grease separators. ORTNER separators are produced in different sizes and have been in continuous smooth operation worldwide over many years.

ORTNER separators have been used in various fields such as in petrol stations, car parks, car washes, garages, airports, industrial plants etc.. The feedback of our clients regarding ease of maintenance and smooth operation is extremely positive.

Our clients are leading producers of precast concrete tanks and/or tanks made of other materials e.g. PE

ORTNER separators are manufactured of high quality materials such as stainless steel and HD PE in order to guarantee a long lifetime and low operation cost of the equipment. We adhere to high quality standards and our products fulfill the requirements of the European Standard EN 858 Class I and II.


ORTNER separators are designed to be
-    easy to maintain
-    highly efficient and
-    low cost

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All of our products are engineered to the customer's requirements, using established design parameters. The designs are based on flow speeds, retention times, temperature and the settlement characteristics of the target materials. We understand that various markets have their own laws and our engineers will help you develop a product best suited to your needs. Thereby we always try to develop a product that is easy to install, easy to maintain and minimizes total cost of ownership. It is advantageous that heavy and large tanks are produced locally by our clients thereby avoiding costly transports.

We constantly improve and develop new products. Various granted patents are sign of this continuous thrive for innovation. Oil separators with bypass system, delivered in small parts for installation in existing tanks or an automatic oil removal system are results of this R&D effort.

We are energized by new challenges. Please do contact us with your requirements!